Prosperity IP is dedicated to turning your intellectual property — your most unique, valuable, and intangible asset — into a reliable and diversified revenue stream you can literally bank on. Using your audience data and understanding your personal goals, we identify, negotiate, and manage growth opportunities that align with your brand. We structure these into a personally tailored, risk-balanced economic asset, building a sustainable legacy plan for you and your family. And all you need to do is be yourself.


PIP acts as a virtual property manager for any intangible form of value you own. We work with entertainers, athletes, and influencers of all kinds to identify long-term brand partners and engagement strategies that are aligned with your most valued — and valuable — audiences. We partner with individuals, corporate entities, charitable foundations, and government organizations around the world, including Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Additionally, we offer a specialized matchmaking service between for-profit and not-for-profit groups.

Trust us to deliver comprehensive solutions to meet your business needs, and to tailor our full range of services just for you. Pricing is negotiable based on the services rendered.



As one of the first IP specialists, Prosperity IP has developed an unprecedented data interpretation program, which measures communication objectives in function of social impact at a regional, local, and/or individual level. Our unique, tailor-made strategies repurpose traditional expenses like marketing, PR, CR, and HR into revenue-generating IP assets. We take what has long been considered a high-risk, volatile asset class and create unprecedented, diversified, and risk-balanced revenue streams.

Meet Our Award-Winning Team

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Richard Mozer

Paulo Ramos


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